2009 Hugo Award Winners Announced

2009 Hugo Award Trophy Presented at: Anticipation, Montréal, Quebec, August 6-10, 2009

Toastmaster: Julie Czerneda, with translation by Yves Meynard

Base design: Dave Howell

Awards Administration: Diane Lacey, Ruth Lichtwardt, Jeff Orth and Rene Walling

  • Best Novel: The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman (HarperCollins; Bloomsbury UK)
  • Best Novella: “The Erdmann Nexus”, Nancy Kress (Asimov’s Oct/Nov 2008)
  • Best Novelette: “Shoggoths in Bloom”, Elizabeth Bear (Asimov’s Mar 2008)
  • Best Short Story: “Exhalation”, Ted Chiang (Eclipse Two)
  • Best Related Book: Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded: A Decade of Whatever, 1998-2008, John Scalzi (Subterranean Press)
  • Best Graphic Story: Girl Genius, Volume 8: Agatha Heterodyne and the Chapel of Bones, Written by Kaja & Phil Foglio, art by Phil Foglio, colors by Cheyenne Wright (Airship Entertainment)
  • Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form: WALL-E Andrew Stanton & Pete Docter, story; Andrew Stanton & Jim Reardon, screenplay; Andrew Stanton, director (Pixar/Walt Disney)
  • Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form: Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Joss Whedon, & Zack Whedon, & Jed Whedon, & Maurissa Tancharoen, writers; Joss Whedon, director (Mutant Enemy)
  • Best Editor Short Form: Ellen Datlow
  • Best Editor Long Form: David G. Hartwell
  • Best Professional Artist: Donato Giancola
  • Best Semiprozine: Weird Tales, edited by Ann VanderMeer & Stephen H. Segal
  • Best Fan Writer: Cheryl Morgan
  • Best Fanzine: Electric Velocipede edited by John Klima
  • Best Fan Artist: Frank Wu

And the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer (presented by Dell Magazines): David Anthony Durham

The full order of finish in each category and links to the nomination and voting details are available on the 2009 Hugo Awards page.

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  2. Congratulations to everyone, but especially to Phil & Kaja. Your work is my very favorite, and well worth this gorgeous award.

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  12. Dreizehn says:

    I extend my warmest congratulations to Neil Gaiman for winning the Hugo Award for Best Novel. ‘The Graveyard Book’, a classic bildungsroman which echoes the works of many literary giants, is definitely worthy of this highest honor.

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  21. Jody says:

    Congratulations to Ann Vandermeer and Stephen Segal on Weird Tales!

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  26. MiHi says:

    [Comment deleted. You can disagree with the results. Being abusive gets you banned. — The Management]

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  34. Go Weird Tales!!!!!! Congrats to Stephen H. Segal and Ann Vandermeer

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  37. ioresult says:

    Please correct typo: “Toastmaster: Julie Czerneda, with translation by Yves Meynard”
    thank you

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  39. ioresult: Done. Thanks for the correction.

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  42. Dave Jared says:

    Maybe I’m just old school and don’t “get it.” I’ve never heard of ANY of the winners (nor their authors, for that matter.)

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  45. @Dave Jared
    Perhaps you were looking in the wrong aisle in the bookstore? Or reading authors from a different decade?

    Neil Gaiman first won a Hugo in 2002.
    Nancy Kress first won a Hugo in 1992.
    Elizabeth Bear first won a Hugo last year.
    Ted Chiang first won a Hugo in 2001.

    So it’s not like these writers haven’t been a part of the field for years.

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