Introducing the Hugo Award Showcase

People have been asking us for some time where there is no annual anthology of Hugo Award winners. Our answer has been that no one wanted to publish one (and WSFS does not publish books). However, that answer no longer applies. We are delighted to announce that we have licensed Prime Books to produce a Hugo Award Showcase anthology. It will be edited by Campbell-winning writer, Mary Robinette Kowal. The 2010 edition, as well as featuring winning fiction from 2009, features a magnificent cover by 2009’s Best Artist, Donato Giancola. Here’s a mock-up of the proposed cover.

Hugo Award Showcase 2010 cover

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12 Responses to Introducing the Hugo Award Showcase

  1. Tom L Waters says:

    This is great! (And I’m a fan of both the editor and the cover artist.) I loved the multi-year Hugo Winners anthologies of winning short stories when I was young, and an annual anthology like this is definitely something I would buy.

    Any plan yet as to which categories will be represented in the anthology?

  2. Dave says:

    Great news and the cover looks awesome. I’ll be buying that one for sure.

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  4. Tom Galloway says:

    Possibly silly point. The 2010 edition will feature winners (and I’d guess some nominees) from the 2009 Hugo Awards, which were for work published in 2008. Personally, and anally, I’d prefer this be called the 2009 edition, rather than use a year that has no link to either the Awards year or the publication year.

  5. Oh! The Hugo anthologies are where I first learned about conventions and fandom, so I’m thrilled to see this.

    And what a great cover.

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  7. Chris M. Barkley says:

    Great news indeed! Now if we can only persuade them to re-issue all of the older editions and cover the years between them and this new edition as well.

  8. re 2010 vs 2009: from what I know of the general book buying public, if they see “2009 volume”, they’re going to think the book is a year old, and who wants old moldy non-fresh stuff?

    And we do want the general non-fannish SF reader to pick this up, right?

  9. “Great news indeed! Now if we can only persuade them to re-issue all of the older editions and cover the years between them and this new edition as well”

    Well, yeah, it would be nice, but betcha thar be rights issues, matey. Probably a real mess, too.

  10. Randy Smith says:

    I’m really glad to see this, and I, too, hope that there will be some way of picking up the “missed” years when there was no anthology.

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  12. Nathanael says:

    This is great. But it’s been a nightmare trying to collect the winners of the intervening years and later years.

    Maybe I’ll have to assemble a collection myself.

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