2014 Hugo Award Winners

The 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, Loncon 3, has announced the 2014 Hugo Award winners. 3587 valid ballots were received and counted in the final ballot.


Ancillary Justice, by Ann Leckie (Orbit US / Orbit UK)


“Equoid” by Charles Stross (Tor.com, 09-2013)


“The Lady Astronaut of Mars” by Mary Robinette Kowal (maryrobinettekowal.com /
Tor.com, 09-2013)


“The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere” by John Chu (Tor.com, 02-2013)


“We Have Always Fought: Challenging the Women, Cattle and Slaves Narrative” by Kameron Hurley (A Dribble of Ink)


“Time” by Randall Munroe (xkcd)


Gravity written by Alfonso Cuarón & Jonás Cuarón, directed by Alfonso Cuarón (Esperanto Filmoj; Heyday Films;Warner Bros.)


Game of Thrones “The Rains of Castamere” written by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss, directed by David Nutter (HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; Television 360; Startling Television and Generator Productions)


Ellen Datlow


Ginjer Buchanan


Julie Dillon


Lightspeed Magazine edited by John Joseph Adams, Rich Horton, and Stefan Rudnicki


A Dribble of Ink edited by Aidan Moher


SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester


Kameron Hurley


Sarah Webb


Award for the best new professional science fiction or fantasy writer of 2012 or 2013, sponsored by Dell Magazines (not a Hugo Award).

Sofia Samatar

The 2014 Hugo Award winners were announced on Sunday evening, August 17, at the ExCel Converntion Centre in London, England. The ceremony was hosted by Justina Robson, Geoff Ryman. Text-based CoverItLive coverage of the ceremony was provided through the Hugo Awards web site. Video streaming coverage was provided by Ustream.

The 2014 Hugo trophy base was designed by Joy Alyssa Day

The full order of finish in each category and links to the nomination and voting details are available on the 2014 Hugo Awards page.

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63 Responses to 2014 Hugo Award Winners

  1. ZMiles says:

    The ‘Final Ballot Details’ link doesn’t work.

    • Kevin says:

      It does now, and did a few minutes after you posted. We decided it would be better to have the results up sooner along with the link to the details rather than hold off publishing anything until later and have people complain that we were holding out on them.

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  3. Jon Lennox says:

    The link to the ballot details is 404ing.
    (Feel free to delete this when fixed.)

    • Kevin says:

      The reason the link did not work when you tried it is because Loncon 3 had not quite yet posted the detailed results. The link is correct and began working about fifteen minutes after the ceremony. We elected to go ahead and publish the announcement and the link so they would be out there as soon as possible even though the link to the details took a few more minutes to actually resolve.

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  9. Guy Lillian says:

    Looking over the vote breakdowns & the nominations, it’s gratifying that in the vast majority of categories the nominee receiving the most first place votes ended up winning the Hugo. No complaints about the Aussie ballot this time. Alas for our dear pal Toni Weisskopf, though, She’s an exception.

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  25. wbv says:

    This is the official listing.
    Could you spice up the listing with a link where we can buy or read the winning item?

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  38. Hans-Christian says:

    Well, this was largely disappointing results. I thought the voters would come to their senses and declare “Frozen” a definitive winner of the “Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)” award, but instead, “Gravity” (which I obviously would not have placed my vote on; I actually thought “Catching Fire” would be a more fitting contender) somehow stole the award. The one time I actually care about this type of award and you mess it up like this. That’s it, the Hugo Awards are dead to me. Really disappointed…

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