1941 Retro Hugo Statistics Released

With apologies for the delay, we are now able to release the full voting breakdown for the 1941 Retro Hugo Awards. You can find the document here (pdf).

We have also updated the 2016 statistics document to correct a small number of typographical errors in the original document. These did not affect the results of the Awards in any way, and all of the numbers were correct. The only significant change is in the top 15 for fancast where The Coode Street Podcast was incorrectly listed twice. The second listing should have been for Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, presented by Jay Edidin and Miles Stokes.

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5 Responses to 1941 Retro Hugo Statistics Released

  1. judgedeadd says:

    According to these statistics, “Captain America Comics #1” was one of the top 5 nominations in the Graphic Story category, so why wasn’t it on the ballot?

  2. Dave McCarty says:

    Thanks for catching our misprint.

    Captain America #1 was published in 1941 and thus not eligible for the 1941 Retro Hugo.

    We’re updating the document shortly.

    Dave McCarty – Hugo Administrator
    MidAmeriCon II

  3. Cheryl says:

    And the document is now updated.

  4. judgedeadd says:

    Huh. Wikipedia says: “Captain America Comics #1 — cover-dated March 1941 and on sale December 20, 1940…” with two citations to support the 1940 date.

  5. Dave McCarty says:

    The WSFS constitution specifies that for periodicals, cover date takes priority.

    Periodicals *often* appear before their cover dates, but the amount before is different from periodical to periodical, making it a nightmare for the administrators to determine….so for periodicals the cover date takes precedence.

    This makes Captain America #1 a 1941 periodical for our contest.

    Dave McCarty – Hugo Administrator
    MidAmeriCon II

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