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Do you have a question about the Hugos that is not covered in our FAQ? If so, please ask it here and we will endeavor to answer it for you.

Please note, however, that we cannot issue definitive rulings about Hugo Award eligibility. Each year’s Worldcon establishes a Hugo Awards Administration Subcommittee the manages that year’s Hugo Awards. The Hugo Awards web site is not responsible for administering the Awards and therefore can’t give definitive answers about eligibility. If you have a question about whether a specific work is eligible and in which category, please contact the current year’s Worldcon and their Hugo Awards Administrators.

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  1. Nana says:

    The recent episode of Black Mirror, “Bandersnatch,” is an interactive piece. It runs 90 minutes on its default path, but also has multiple other scenes you can branch off to, albeit ones which would cause a gameplay with less time. Would Bandersnatch qualify for Long Form or Short Form?

    • Kevin says:

      The boundary between Short Form and Long Form has a 20% (18 minute) leeway precisely due to works that are not clearly one side or the other. Nominate this work in the category where you think it best fits. Short Form is generally intended for things in the nature of television episodes that are not clearly “two hour” or multi-part long works, while Long Form is generally intended for theatrical motion pictures. Anything else is left as a judgment call of the nominators.

    • Laura says:

      Just one ordinary nominator’s opinion, but I would lean toward Long Form because there is more than 90 minutes worth of material even if you don’t watch the other variations. If a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type written story were ever nominated, I would think it would go in the category of its complete word count. I haven’t watch this yet, but I imagine part of the point is that many people would watch more than just the default path.

      Also, to go along with what Kevin said about it *generally* breaking down into tv episode vs. movie (obviously some movies are shorter and some tv episodes longer), I notice that Netflix has it as a separate film listing instead of including it with the other Black Mirror episodes.

  2. Dr U.K. Bhadra says:

    Hello, Kevin. The last collection of Hugo Winners was published in a solely paperback edition in 1997 – twenty years back! Is there some kind of tussle which is preventing print publication of a 5-yearly collection? Thanks.

    • Kevin says:

      There are no issues with using the Hugo Awards service marks, if that’s what you mean. To the best of our knowledge, the only real issue is that no publisher/editor has wanted to take on the somewhat substantial challenge of obtaining the rights to collect the works and the commercial challenge of publishing such a collection.

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