2021 Hugo Award Finalists Announced

DisCon III, the 79th World Science Fiction Convention, announced on April 13, 2021 the finalists for the 2021 Hugo Awards, Astounding Award for Best New Writer, and Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book in a YouTube video hosted by Ulysses Campbell, Malka Older, and Sheree Renée Thomas. The full list of finalists is on the 2021 Hugo Awards page.

There were 1249 valid nominating ballots (1246 electronic and 3 paper) received and counted from the members of the 2020 and 2021 World Science Fiction Conventions for the 2021 Hugo Awards. Voting on the final ballot will open later in April. Due to the postponement of DisCon III from their original date in August to December 15-19, 2021, voting will close on November 19, 2021.

Only DisCon III members will be able to vote on the final ballot and choose the winners for the 2021 Awards. If you are not already a member, you can join the convention through the DisCon III website. You must be at least a supporting member in order to participate in the Hugo Awards.

The 2021 Hugo Award base will be designed by Sebastian Martorana. You can see examples of his work on his website. The 2021 Lodestar Award will once again be designed by Sara Felix, president of the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists.

More information about the 2021 Hugo Awards is available on the DisCon III website Hugo Awards page. Questions about the 2021 Hugo Awards process should be directed to hugohelp@discon3.org. Please do not submit questions to the Hugo Awards website, as we do not administer the Hugo Awards and can only pass your questions on to the award administrators.

2020 Hugo Award & 1945 Retro Hugo Award Finalists Announced

The finalists for the 2020 Hugo Awards, Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book, and Astounding Award for Best New Writer and for the 1945 Retrospective Hugo Awards were announced online today by CoNZealand, the 78th World Science Fiction Convention.

Nominations for the 2020 and 1945 Hugo Awards were submitted by the members of CoNZealand, the 78th Worldcon, and Dublin 2019: An Irish Worldcon, the 77th Worldcon. 1,584 people submitted 27,033 nominations for the 2020 Hugo Awards, while 120 people submitted 1,677 nominations for the 1945 Retrospective Hugo Awards.

The full list of finalists are listed on the individual pages for the 2020 Hugo Awards and 1945 Retrospective Hugo Awards.

Voting for the Hugo Awards is open to all supporting or attending/online members of CoNZealand. Voting is scheduled open later in April 2020. Information on how to submit a voting ballot is available on the CoNZealand web site Hugo Awards page. Voting ends before the convention to allow sufficient time to count votes and prepare trophies. Anyone who joins by the end of voting is eligible to vote. CoNZealand previously announced that due to travel restrictions as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that their Worldcon will be online only, running from July 29-August 2, 2020. They will announce details of how the Hugo Awards Ceremony will be presented at a later date.

Please direct all questions about the administration of the 2020 Hugo Awards/Lodestar Award/Astounding Award and 1945 Retro-Hugo Awards to the 2020/1945 Hugo Award Administrators, not to the Hugo Awards web site. The Hugo Awards web site does not administer the Hugo Awards. All questions about the administration of the current Awards should go to the administrators.