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1941 Retro-Hugo Awards Announced

The 74th World Science Fiction Convention, MidAmeriCon II, announced the winners of the 1941 Retrospective Hugo Awards at a ceremony on the evening of Thursday, August 18, 2016. 869 valid ballots were received and counted in the final ballot. BEST … Continue reading

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1941 Retro-Hugo Awards

Presented at: MidAmeriCon II, Kansas City, Missouri, USA Hosts: Mariss Pelot, Kevin Roche Base design: Brent Simmons Awards Administration: Dave McCarty, Will Frank, Tammy Coxen, Diane Lacey, and Joe Siclari The World Science Fiction Society Constitution allows, but does not … Continue reading


2010 Hugo Awards

Presented at: Aussiecon 4, Melbourne, Australia, September 2-6, 2010 Toastmaster: Garth Nix Base design: Nick Stathopoulos with laser etching by Lewis Morley and incorporating the Aussiecon 4 logo by Grant Gittus Awards Administration: Vincent Docherty, Kate Kligman Best Novel The … Continue reading

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2010 Hugo Award Nominees – Details

Aussiecon 4, the 68th World Science Fiction Convention, has announced the ballot for the 2010 Hugo Awards. Best Novel (699 Ballots) Boneshaker, Cherie Priest (Tor) The City & The City, China Miéville (Del Rey; Macmillan UK) Julian Comstock: A Story … Continue reading

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1990 Hugo Awards

Presented at: ConFiction, The Hague, The Netherlands, August 23-27, 1990 Toastmaster: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Base design: Awards Administration: Best Novel Hyperion by Dan Simmons [Doubleday Foundation, 1989] A Fire in the Sun by George Alec Effinger [Doubleday Foundation, 1989] Prentice … Continue reading

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1993 Hugo Awards

Presented at: ConFrancisco, San Francisco, California, September 2-6, 1993 Toastmaster: Guy Gavriel Kay Base design: Arlin Robins Awards Administration: Kevin Standlee, David Bratman, Seth Goldberg Best Novel A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge [Tor, 1992] Doomsday Book by … Continue reading

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2006 Hugo Awards

Presented at: L.A. Con IV, Anaheim, California, August 23-27, 2006 Toastmaster: Connie Willis Base design: Deb Kosiba Awards Administration: John Lorentz Best Novel Spin by Robert Charles Wilson [Tor, 2005] Learning the World by Ken MacLeod [Orbit, 2005; Tor, 2005] … Continue reading

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