Live Coverage of Hugo Award Ceremonies

As usual we will be providing live, text-based coverage of this year’s Hugo Award Ceremony, which takes place at 8:00pm on Sunday evening, Dublin time.

This year we also plan to bring you live, text-based coverage of the Retro-Hugo Award Ceremony, which will take place as part of the Worldcon Opening Ceremonies at 8:00pm on Thursday evening, Dublin time.

We will be posting more information as soon as someone from our team is on the ground in Dublin and able to confirm details.

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12 Responses to Live Coverage of Hugo Award Ceremonies

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  2. Douglas S Carey says:

    Wonderful. I also hope to hear there will be video coverage attempted?

  3. Team member #3 is on the ground in Dublin! But, alas, I am not the team member who can provide more information!

  4. mjk says:

    What happened to the video coverage? It’s two hours from go time for the Retro Hugos and there’s nothing either here or on the Worldcon’s website. Has it (the video stream) been cancelled or are they just saving the link until the last second?

    • Kevin says:

      There was video streaming of the Opening Ceremony/Retro-Hugo Awards, but the URL got to us only a short time before the event. We mentioned it in the text-only coverage and retweeted the URL, but did not make a separate post about it.

      We did get the URL for the Sunday night Hugo Awards live streaming far enough in advance to post separately about it.

      As a reminder: the video streaming of the events is run by the individual Worldcon, and the Hugo Awards web site is not responsible for it. The text-only coverage is operated by the Hugo Awards web site team, and (aside from being dependent upon the host convention and its facility for internet access) is not run by the host convention.

  5. Gary Farber says:

    “We will be posting more information as soon as someone from our team is on the ground in Dublin and able to confirm details.”


  6. Gary Farber says:

    This post is specifically identified as giving “Live Coverage of Hugo Award Ceremonies”

    It needs to be updated if there’s an update. You can’t just make another post, because how is anyone arriving on this post going to do that? If another post is relevant to a post, you add the link to each post. This is Blogging 100 from 2001.

    Update all relevant posts with links. Particularly if people are directed to a specific link for specific information. What’s NOT remotely reasonable is to give a link to a single post and then put the relevant information somewhere else with no update on the original post.

    • Kevin says:

      We posted updated information in a new blog post when it became available. We do not generally go back and edit old ones. Indeed, doing so is counter-productive for those people who are watching for notifications of new posts, such at those people following our Twitter feed.

  7. Gary Farber says:

    And… now I find it’s over, without this announcement post ever having been posted as stated.

    Great. I repeatedly checked back at this post because “We will be posting more information as soon as someone from our team is on the ground in Dublin and able to confirm details.”

    But, no. It was never updated, so… missed the ceremony. Sigh.

    Please, if you announce you’re going to update, please update, in future? Thanks for all your efforts, regardless.

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