2010 Voter Packet Available

Aussiecon 4 has announced the availability of the 2010 Hugo Award Voter Packet. The Packet, available to all registered Hugo Award voters, contains electronic copies of sample work in most of the award categories. In particular, for the first time ever the 2010 packet contains complete copies of all works in the four written fiction categories. The material is mostly in PDF format. A full list of the contents is available in Aussiecon 4’s press release.

If you are already an Aussiecon 4 member then an email explaining how to obtain your copy of the Packet will be on its way to you soon.

If you are not yet a member of Aussiecon 4, all you need in order to access the Packet is a Supporting Membership. The prices are as follows: AU$70, US$50, CA$50, £25, €35, ¥4,900, NZ$90. You can buy memberships online here. A supporting membership of Aussiecon 4 will give you the right to vote in the final ballot of the 2010 Hugo Awards, and nominate in the 2011 Hugo Awards. The deadline for voting in this year’s final ballot is 31 July 2010 23:59 PDT. You’ll want to sign up well before then because there’s a lot of reading material in that Packet.