2006 Business Meeting

The 2006 meeting granted first passage to a motion that requires that artists accepting nomination in the Best Professional Artist category to certify that they have produced new work during the year of eligibility.

The text of the motion is:

Moved to amend Section 3.9 of the WSFS Constitution by adding text as follows

Section 3.9: Notification and Acceptance. Worldcon Committees shall use reasonable efforts to notify the nominees, or in the case of deceased or incapacitated persons, their heirs, assigns, or legal guardians, in each category prior to the release of such information. Each nominee shall be asked at that time to either accept or decline the nomination. If the nominee declines nomination, that nominee shall not appear on the final ballot. In addition, in the Best Professional Artist category, the acceptance must include citations of at least three (3) works first published in the eligible year.