1986 Hugo Awards

1986 Hugo Award Trophy Presented at: ConFederation, Atlanta, Georgia, August 28 – September 1, 1986

Toastmaster: Bob Shaw

Base design:

Awards Administration: Jeff Copeland

Best Novel

  • Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card [Tor, 1985]
  • Cuckoo’s Egg by C. J. Cherryh [Phantasia, 1985; DAW, 1985]
  • The Postman by David Brin [Bantam Spectra, 1985]
  • Footfall by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle [Ballantine Del Rey, 1985]
  • Blood Music by Greg Bear [Arbor House, 1985]

Best Novella

  • “24 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai” by Roger Zelazny [Asimov’s Jul 1985]
  • “Sailing to Byzantium” by Robert Silverberg [Asimov’s Feb 1985]
  • “The Only Neat Thing to Do” by James Tiptree, Jr. [F&SF Oct 1985]
  • “Green Mars” by Kim Stanley Robinson [Asimov’s Sep 1985]
  • “The Scapegoat” by C. J. Cherryh [Alien Stars, 1985]

Best Novelette

  • “Paladin of the Lost Hour” by Harlan Ellison [Universe 15, 1985; Twilight Zone Dec 1985]
  • “Portraits of His Children” by George R. R. Martin [Asimov’s Nov 1985]
  • “The Fringe” by Orson Scott Card [F&SF Oct 1985]
  • “A Gift from the Graylanders” by Michael Bishop [Asimov’s Sep 1985]
  • “Dogfight” by Michael Swanwick and William Gibson [Omni Jul 1985]

Best Short Story

  • “Fermi and Frost” by Frederik Pohl [Asimov’s Jan 1985]
  • “Flying Saucer Rock & Roll” by Howard Waldrop [Omni Jan 1985]
  • “Snow” by John Crowley [Omni Nov 1985]
  • “Dinner in Audoghast” by Bruce Sterling [Asimov’s May 1985]
  • “Hong’s Bluff” by William F. Wu [Omni Mar 1985]

Best Related Non-Fiction Book

  • Science Made Stupid by Tom Weller [Houghton Mifflin, 1985]
  • The John W. Campbell Letters, Vol. 1 by Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr., Tony Chapdelaine and George Hay [AC Projects, 1986]
  • An Edge in My Voice by Harlan Ellison [Donning, 1985]
  • Benchmarks: Galaxy Bookshelf by Algis Budrys [Southern Illinois University Press, 1985]
  • The Pale Shadow of Science by Brian W. Aldiss [Serconia Press, 1985]
  • Faces of Fear: Encounters with the Creators of Modern Horror by Douglas E. Winter [Berkley, 1985]

Best Dramatic Presentation

  • Back to the Future (1985) [Amblin/Universal] Directed by Robert Zemeckis; Written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale
  • Ladyhawke (1985) [20th Century Fox/Warner Brothers] Directed by Richard Donner; Screenplay by Edward Khmara and Michael Thomas and Tom Mankiewicz and David Webb Peoples; Story by Edward Khmara
  • Cocoon (1985) [20th Century Fox/Zanuck/Brown] Directed by Ron Howard; Screenplay by Tom Benedek; based on the novel by David Saperstein
  • Brazil (1985) [Embassy/Universal] Directed by Terry Gilliam; Written by Terry Gilliam & Charles McKeown & Tom Stoppard
  • Enemy Mine (1985) [20th Century Fox/King’s Road] Directed by Wolfgang Petersen; Screenplay by Edward Khmara; based on the story by Barry Longyear

Best Professional Editor

  • Judy-Lynn del Rey (Note: Judy-Lynn del Rey died before the convention; her husband, Lester del Rey, declined accepting the Hugo on her behalf.)
  • Terry Carr
  • Shawna McCarthy
  • Edward L. Ferman
  • Stanley Schmidt

Best Professional Artist

  • Michael Whelan
  • Frank Kelly Freas
  • Rowena Morrill
  • Don Maitz
  • Barclay Shaw

Best Semiprozine

  • Locus ed. by Charles N. Brown
  • Science Fiction Chronicle ed. by Andrew I. Porter
  • Science Fiction Review ed. by Richard E. Geis
  • Fantasy Review ed. by Robert A. Collins
  • Interzone ed. by Simon Ounsley and David Pringle

Best Fanzine

  • Lan’s Lantern ed. by George “Lan” Laskowski
  • Anvil ed. by Charlotte Proctor
  • Universal Translator ed. by Susan Bridges
  • Holier Than Thou ed. by Marty Cantor and Robbie Cantor
  • Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers Guild Newsletter ed. by Bobby Gear

Best Fan Writer

  • Mike Glyer
  • Richard E. Geis
  • Dave Langford
  • Arthur D. Hlavaty
  • Don D’Ammassa
  • Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Best Fan Artist

  • Joan Hanke-Woods
  • Brad W. Foster
  • William Rotsler
  • Stu Shiffman
  • Steve Fox