Caring for the Trophy

Since 1984, most Hugo Award trophies have used a chrome (sometimes gold) plated zinc rocket shape designed by and originally manufactured by Peter Weston based on the original design by Jack McKnight and Ben Jason. (See Peter’s discussion of how to make a Hugo Award for more information about the process.) We have been contacted by winners who are concerned that they might damage their trophy if they polish it or attempt to remove any apparent tarnish or corrosion. Peter Weston assures us that the rocket is covered in a a high-quality automotive-standard finish that is unlikely to actually corrode under normal conditions (“unless they’ve used it as a doorstop in their cowshed”). You can clean the rocket with any regular metal polish — or even soap and water. The plating won’t come off or be damaged in any way. We recommend that you wipe down your rocket with a soft cloth periodically to keep it clean.