Thank You, Mr. Ross

Twitter has been buzzing with talk about the Hugo Awards today. No, don’t worry, you haven’t missed the announcement of nominees, we don’t count that quickly. It is because Jonathan Ross tweeted this:

Why is it I love sci-fi but my wife is the one who wins a HUGO Award !!!!

Mr. Ross is well known for his love of science fiction and comics, and one enterprising twitterer managed to find this photograph. However, that isn’t Mr. Ross’s Hugo, nor does it belong to his wife.

You can find Mrs. Ross, better known as Jane Goldman, in our list of winners from 2008. She was one of the screenwriters for the movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. Her Hugo looks like this:

The 2008 Hugo Award

Update: Luke Addiss tells us that he made that photo of Ross with the 2007 Hugo using Photoshop. Very clever of him, and very quick too.