Logo Contest Update

We have been receiving a few inquiries asking if we have a winner in the logo contest yet. The answer is that our judges are still deliberating. We had a lot more entries than we expected, many of very good quality. When we have chosen a winner we will post here and email the unlucky entrants. As previously announced, we do not plan to unveil the new logo before this year’s Worldcon at the beginning of August.

Logo Contest Closes

As scheduled, the contest to find an official logo for the Hugo Awards closed at midnight Pacific Time on May 31st, 2009. 390 entries were received from 219 entrants, with a little over half arriving during the last five days of the contest. New entries continued to arrive right up until the final minutes that the contest was open, including several submitted within five minutes of the contest deadline.

We have processed and acknowledged all of the entries in the Hugo Award Logo Contest that we have received. If you submitted an entry and have not received an acknowledgment or request for additional information, contact us at logocontest@thehugoawards.org to follow up and trace your entry.

It will take some time for the contest judges to evaluate the submitted designs, and we therefore cannot promise a specific date by which we will contact entrants with the results of their deliberations. We continue to plan to announce the final results at this year’s Worldcon, Anticipation, if we are able to do so.

Logo Design Contestants: Check Your Entries

As the May 31 deadline nears for the Hugo Awards Logo Contest, we are seeing an increase in entries that are not following the contest guidelines. Before submitting your entry, please read “How to Enter” and make sure that your entry includes all four of the following files:

  • Main Hugo Award Logo in JPG format
  • Main Hugo Award Logo in EPS format
  • Hugo Award Winner Logo in JPG format
  • Hugo Award Winner Logo in EPS format

And that your Entrant Information includes:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Postal address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Each Entrant may submit not more than 3 Entries.

Remember to review the Submission Guidelines and Official Rules before you submit your entry. Although we will make an effort to help you clear up technical omissions, we cannot be responsible if your entry is incomplete or doesn’t meet our technical guidelines.

Logo Contest Deadline Nears

The deadline for submitting entries to the Hugo Awards Logo Contest is the end of the day (one minute after 2359 Pacific Daylight Time) on Sunday, May 31, 2009. We must receive your entry by then in order to consider it. If you have submitted an entry before May 23 and not yet received an acknowledgment from us confirming receipt, contact us at logocontest@thehugoawards.org and follow up on your entry to make sure we did receive it.

Hugo Voter Packet Expands

Anticipation has added additional material to the Hugo Voter Packet, which includes many of this year’s nominated works. The expanded package is a replacement for the previously announced package, so members of Anticipation can return to the 2009 Hugo page at their web site and download a new package, even if they previously have downloaded an earlier packet, using their membership number and password to access the packet.

John Scalzi has the list of newly-added material on his web site.

You must be a supporting or attending member of Anticipation to download the Hugo Voter Packet. If you are not a member, you can register online at their web site.

Hugo Award Voting Opens

Anticipation, the 67th World Science Fiction Convention, has released the ballot for the 2009 Hugo Awards. Members of Anticipation can vote online at the convention web site. Paper ballots are included in the convention’s latest progress report, which the convention recently mailed to members. You must be a supporting or attending member of Anticipation to vote. If you are not a member, you can buy a membership online.

The deadline for voting is midnight (2359hrs.) Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) July 3, 2009. All ballots, paper or electronic, must be in the administrator’s hands by that time.

Free e-Books for Hugo Voters

Each year we try to make sure that people who will be voting in the Hugo Awards (and John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer) have every opportunity to see and read the nominated works. This year, thanks to the heroic efforts of John Scalzi, we are able to offer a package that includes six complete novels, over two dozen pieces of short fiction (many of them novellas), three complete non-fiction books, and several other pieces of writing and art. All of this is available for free in electronic form, if you are eligible to vote in this year’s Hugo Awards. Some of the material is already free online to the general public, but many of the complete books are available only through this offer.

To become a voter you need at least a Supporting Membership in this year’s World Science Fiction Convention (Anticipation, to be held in Montreal in August). You do not need to attend the convention in order to vote. The costs of a Supporting Membership are: CA$55, US$50, £30, €35, ¥6000 or AU$55. You can buy one online at the Anticipation web site. Once your payment has been processed you will be sent email explaining how to download your voter package.

The material comes in a variety of formats, depending on how it was supplied to us, but it should all be readable using free software.

Please note that not every nominee is included in the package. Some publishers, authors, editors and artists have declined to participate. Also in the case of the John W Campbell Award, which is for new writers, not every nominee has a published novel, so they were unable to supply whole books.

Our thanks to John Scalzi for his efforts in organizing this, to all of the writers, artists, editors and publishers who have contributed their work, and to the Anticipation web team for proving the download service.

More information is available from John Scalzi, and the Anticipation web site.

Design Us A Logo

The Hugo Awards has a rocket, but there is no easily usable logo that people can put on web sites, on book covers and so on. We thought it was about time we had one. So we are launching a contest. If you are a talented graphic designer, or you know one, please spread the word. The winning design is likely to appear all over the Internet, and in bookstores; maybe even on movie screens. Full details of the contest are available here. Be sure to check out the submission guidelines and official rules. We are looking forward to hearing from you.