Nomination Eligibility Deadline Looms

If you want to participate in the nominations stage of this year’s Hugo Awards, and you were not a member of the 2009 Worldcon in Montréal, then you must purchase at least a Supporting Membership in this year’s Worldcon by January 31st.

Note that this is not the deadline for submitting nominations, it is just the deadline for securing eligibility to vote. That’s set much earlier to allow time for your membership to be processed, and for ballot papers to be mailed to anyone who does not wish to vote online.

This year’s Worldcon, Aussiecon 4, takes place in Melbourne, Australia in September. It is not necessary to buy an Attending Membership, or travel to Australia, in order to vote in the Hugo Awards. All you need is a Supporting Membership. Prices for these are: AU$70, US$50, CA$50, £25, €35 or ¥4,900. Further details, including online payment, can be found here.