Nominations Open for 2010

As per our tweet earlier today, Aussiecon 4 has opened nominations for the 2010 Hugo Awards. And being in Australia, which started 2010 long before most of us, they were very quick off the mark indeed. You can find the ballot at their web site.

As usual, the nominating stage of the process is open to anyone who was a member of last year’s Worldcon, Anticipation in Montréal, and to anyone who buys at least a supporting membership in Aussiecon 4. In order to give the Aussiecon 4 folks time to process memberships before the ballot closes you must buy your membership by January 31st. Supporting membership prices are as follows: US $50; AU $70; € 35; £25; ¥4,900. You can buy them online here.

Fans around the world are already discussing which works and people to nominate. You may wish to check the third party recommendation sites listed in our right-hand sidebar. If you are unsure about the eligibility of online works because of the changes to the WSFS Constitution that were made in Montréal you may find this public statement by Aussiecon 4’s Hugo Award Administrator helpful. And please remember that Best Graphic Story is now an official category so you can keep nominating such works.

The deadline for submitting nominating ballots is 23:59 PST on Saturday, March 13, 2010.