2013 Hugo Voter Packet Now Live

The 2013 Hugo Voter Packet is now live and available to Supporting, Attending, Military and Young Adult members of LoneStarCon 3, the 2013 World Science Fiction Convention, in order to help them evaluate the 2013 Hugo Award nominees and cast their final ballots.

In order to access the Hugo Voter Packet, you will need your name (as recorded in the LoneStarCon 3 membership database) and your unique Hugo PIN. LoneStarCon3 will sent PIN reminders at regular intervals during the final ballot period, and you can recover lost or forgotten PINs on the download page. If you are not yet a member of LoneStarCon 3, you can join this year’s Worldcon in order to be eligible to vote on this year’s Hugo Awards and to receive the Hugo Voter Packet. Only members of the 2013 Worldcon are eligible to vote on the 2013 final Hugo Awards ballot.

The works in the Hugo Voter Packet have been made available to the members of LoneStarCon 3 as a courtesy by the publishers, editors, artists and authors of the works nominated for a Hugo or John W. Campbell Award.

Direct questions about the 2013 Hugo Voter Packet to LSC3’s Hugo Packet Administration, not to TheHugoAwards.org. Administration of each year’s Hugo Awards and the Hugo Award Voter Packet is done by individual Worldcon committees, not by the marketing team at TheHugoAwards.org.