2015 Hugo Voting Participation Smashes Records

5,950 members of this year’s Worldcon voted in the 2015 Hugo Awards, according to an announcement from Sasquan, the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention. This breaks last year’s record of 3,587 ballots, and represents a 57% voter turnout, the highest participation level in the past decade. More people voted this year than attended all but eight of the 72 past Worldcons.

There were 5,914 ballots cast online and 36 on paper. Sasquan will release full details about voting and nominating for the 2015 Hugo Awards following the 2015 Hugo Award Ceremony on the evening of August 22 in Spokane, Washington. The details will be included with the 2015 Hugo Awards information on the Hugo Awards web site.

6 thoughts on “2015 Hugo Voting Participation Smashes Records

  1. Well that’s good. I hope the WSFS business meeting won’t be too dull.

    1. “Dull” is not a word I expect to apply to it from my point of view, but that’s because I’m presiding over it.

  2. The internet and right-wing conspiracy nuts are now hijacking the awards turning it into their platform, their private joke and feel-good bubble. This is ridiculous, those idiots from both sites, the sad puppies and the ones opposing them turning this into their personal Battlefield. The organizers should think about abolishing the system of popular vote and having a jury instead.

    This is not better than the internet hijacking online marketing attempts that go wrong, i.e. “Mountain Dew Names a New Flavor” and the #1 name being “Hitler did nothing wrong”. This is laughable, this is pathetic.

    1. The “organizers” of the Hugo Awards are the members of the World Science Fiction Convention, acting through their annual business meeting. There is no Board of Directors, no small group who makes the decision. All decisions about changes to the Hugo Awards must originate from the members and be discussed and approved by the vote of the members of two consecutive Worldcons. If you are a member of next year’s Worldcon, you can propose such changes and attempt to convince the other members to approve your proposals.

      When it comes to the Hugo Awards, there really isn’t a faceless “them” who decides how the awards should work; there is only “us,” and anyone can become “one of us.”

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