2016 Hugo Award Finalists Announced

The finalists for the 2016 Hugo Awards and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer and the finalists for the 1941 Retrospective Hugo Awards were announced via the Twitter feed and Facebook account of MidAmeriCon II, the 2016 Worldcon, on April 26, 2016.

4,032 valid nominating ballots (4,015 electronic and 17 paper) for the 2016 Hugo and Campbell Awards and 481 valid nominating ballots (475 electronic and 6 paper) for the 1941 Retro-Hugo Awards were received and counted from the members of the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Worldcons as of the end of January 2016. Members were eligible to make up to five equally-weighted nominations in each category. The nominating ballot count smashes the previous record of 2,122 ballots set last year by Sasquan, the 73rd Worldcon, in Spokane, Washington.

See the 2016 Hugo Awards page for the full list of 2016 finalists and the 1941 Retro Hugo Awards page for the full list of 1941 finalists.

A full breakdown of nominations, including how many nominations each finalist received and a list of works that did not make the final ballot but were in the top fifteen places, will be published after the Hugo Awards ceremonies in August.

Online balloting for the Hugo Awards will be available on the MidAmeriCon II web site in mid-May. MidAmeriCon II will also distribute paper ballots to its members, and paper ballots will be available for download from their web site when balloting opens. Voting on the final ballot will be open to all Attending, Young Adult, and Supporting members of MidAmeriCon II.

A Hugo Award Voter Packet of works appearing on the final ballot is expect to be issued sometime after the final ballot itself is released in May 2016. The Voter Packet is dependent upon the rights-holders to the various works permitting those works’ distribution within the Packet. There is no guarantee that any given finalist work will be in the Packet.

The 2016 Hugo Award and John W. Campbell Award winners will be announced Saturday, August 20, 2016, at the Hugo Awards Ceremony. The 1941 Retrospective Hugo Award winners will be announced Thursday, August 18, 2016, in conjunction with a Retro Hugo Swing Dance event. Both events will be at MidAmeriCon II in Kansas City.

Please direct questions about the administration of this year’s Hugo and Campbell Awards to the MidAmericon II Hugo Award Administration Subcommittee. TheHugoAwards.org does not actually manage the administration of each year’s Hugo Awards, and while we can answer general queries, definitive answers to specific questions about a given year’s Awards can only come from that year’s Administrator.

5 thoughts on “2016 Hugo Award Finalists Announced

  1. Will there be a readers’ e-packet, and if so, when will it be available?


    1. We have updated the announcement above with information about a Hugo Voter Packet. MidAmeriCon 2 does intend to release a Hugo Awards Voter Packet sometime after the final ballot is issued in May. Whether an individual work appears in the packet depends upon whether the owner of the rights to that work is willing to have their work in the packet.

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