Feedback Solicited for Name of New YA Award

On the agenda for ratification at this year’s Worldcon is a new Worldcon-sanctioned award for Young Adult fiction. This is not a Hugo Award, but a new award administered similarly to the Hugo Award. If ratified this year, it will be first presented at Worldcon 76 in San Jose in 2018. The committee that has been working on the proposal is now soliciting feedback on the short list of potential names for the award. The committee considered and discarded names of persons, as well as names of existing awards and names that could cause trademark/copyright issues.

The committee will make recommendations to the WSFS Business Meeting in Helsinki. The Business Meeting is the body that has the final right to pick a name for the Award.

5 thoughts on “Feedback Solicited for Name of New YA Award

    1. The committee considered various names of authors, and ultimately decided that they would not recommend the names of any persons. There also already is a Robert A. Heinlein Award, and the committee did not want to recommend the name of an existing award, particularly if such an award already exists in the field of SF/F.

  1. There is, strangely, no E Nesbit award, but the name should be reserved for a YA *fantasy* award probably.

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