2017 Hugo Voter Packet Available

The 2017 Hugo Voter Packet, a selection of works shortlisted as finalists for the 2017 Hugo Awards and made available to all voting members of the 2017 Worldcon, is now available. Worldcon 75 announced in a Facebook post on May 17 that “Messages have gone out to voters, including personalized links and information on how to access the packet. Anyone who has not received it should contact hugohelp@worldcon.fi.”

The announcement also explains that the Hugo Voter Packet “includes many of the works on the final ballot in full, preview versions of others, and work by most of the individuals who are finalists.” Participation in the Hugo Voter Packet is voluntary, and is completely at the discretion of the various rights holders of the nominated works and of the individual finalists. The packet is organized and created by the individual Worldcon committees, and is not a required Worldcon function; however, many recent Worldcons have organized such packages for the benefit of their members to make it easier for them to evaluate the finalists.

The Hugo Voter Packet for 2017 is administered by the 2017 Worldcon, not the Hugo Awards web site. Direct any questions about the packet to hugohelp@worldcon.fi.

Additional 2017 Hugo Ballot Change Announced

Worldcon 75 announced in a Facebook post on May 17 that Mansik Yang, who had been previously announced as a finalist in the Best Fan Artist category, informed the Hugo administrators that he had published no non-commercial work in 2016 and therefore does not qualify for the category.

The announcement further states that Yang’s place on the ballot for Best Fan Artist will be taken by Elizabeth Leggett. Worldcon 75 will reissue paper Hugo ballots, and online Hugo ballot will be amended accordingly.

The revised final ballot for Best Fan Artist is:

Ninni Aalto
Elizabeth Leggett
Vesa Lehtimäki
Likhain (M. Sereno)
Spring Schoenhuth
Steve Stiles

We have corrected the 2017 Hugo Awards page accordingly.