Change Announced in 1944 Retro-Hugo Fanzine Finalists

The 2019/1944 Hugo Award Administrators announced on July 21, 2019, that Guteto, edited by Morojo (Myrtle R. Douglas), has been added to the 1944 Retrospective Hugo Award ballot, and that Fantasy News, edited by William S. Sykora, has been removed. The full text of the Administrator’s announcement is below.

The Hugo Administrators have discovered an error in their tally of the nominations for the 1944 Retro Hugo for Best Fanzine.

In fact, Guteto, edited by Morojo (Myrtle R. Douglas) received enough votes to qualify for the final ballot; and Fantasy News, edited by William S. Sykora, did not.

We have accordingly revised the online ballot, and the downloadable ballot form, to reflect that Guteto is a finalist in this category, and that Fantasy News has been disqualified. Write-in votes for Guteto on previously printed hard copy versions of the ballot will be accepted.

We apologise to voters, and to the estates of Myrtle R. Douglas and William S. Sykora, for the inconvenience.

The deadline for votes on the Hugo final ballot is 11.59 pm, Pacific Daylight Time, on 31 July.

Direct all questions about the 1944 Retro-Hugo Awards to the 2019/1944 Hugo Award Administrators, not to the Hugo Awards web site. The Hugo Awards web site does not administer the Hugo Awards. All questions about the administration of the current Awards (including the 1944 Retro-Hugos) should go to the administrators.

2 thoughts on “Change Announced in 1944 Retro-Hugo Fanzine Finalists

  1. I am disappointed with the Hugo award this year. I had very little science fiction, and a lot of feminist propaganda. The Three Body Problem was one of the best science fiction I have ever read. However this years recommendation makes me re-consider your committee opinions.

    1. Hi Scifi Fan,

      There is no Hugo Award Committee. The Hugo Award finalists and winners are selected each year by several thousand members of the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), a large group of people who do a great deal of reading in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

      For more information on how this process works, see the Hugo Award Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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