1993 Hugo Awards

1993 Hugo Award Trophy Presented at: ConFrancisco, San Francisco, California, September 2-6, 1993

Toastmaster: Guy Gavriel Kay

Base design: Arlin Robins

Awards Administration: Kevin Standlee, David Bratman, Seth Goldberg

Nominating and Final Ballot Voting Details (PDF)

Best Novel

  • A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge [Tor, 1992] (tie)
  • Doomsday Book by Connie Willis [Bantam Spectra, 1992] (tie)
  • Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson [HarperCollins UK, 1992; Bantam Spectra, 1993]
  • China Mountain Zhang by Maureen F. McHugh [Tor, 1992]
  • Steel Beach by John Varley [Ace/Putnam, 1992]

Best Novella

  • “Barnacle Bill the Spacer” by Lucius Shepard [Asimov’s Jul 1992]
  • “Stopping at Slowyear” by Frederik Pohl [Pulphouse/Axolotl, 1992; Bantam Spectra, 1992]
  • “Protection” by Maureen F. McHugh [Asimov’s Apr 1992]
  • “Uh-Oh City” by Jonathan Carroll [F&SF Jun 1992]
  • “The Territory” by Bradley Denton [F&SF Jul 1992]

Best Novelette

  • “The Nutcracker Coup” by Janet Kagan [Asimov’s Dec 1992]
  • “Danny Goes to Mars” by Pamela Sargent [Asimov’s Oct 1992]
  • “True Faces” by Pat Cadigan [F&SF Apr 1992]
  • “Suppose They Gave a Peace…” by Susan Shwartz [Alternate Presidents (Tor), 1992]
  • “In the Stone House” by Barry N. Malzberg [Alternate Kennedys (Tor), 1992]

Best Short Story

  • “Even the Queen” by Connie Willis [Asimov’s Apr 1992]
  • “The Mountain to Mohammed” by Nancy Kress [Asimov’s Apr 1992]
  • “The Lotus and the Spear” by Mike Resnick [Asimov’s Aug 1992]
  • “The Arbitrary Placement of Walls” by Martha Soukup [Asimov’s Apr 1992]
  • “The Winterberry” by Nicholas A. DiChario [Alternate Kennedys (Tor), 1992]

Best Related Non-Fiction Book

  • A Wealth of Fable by Harry Warner, Jr. [SCIFI Press, 1992]
  • Let’s Hear It for the Deaf Man by David Langford [NESFA Press, 1992]
  • Virgil Finlay’s Women of the Ages by Virgil Finlay [Underwood-Miller, 1992]
  • The Costumemaker’s Art by Thom Boswell [Lark, 1992]
  • Enterprising Women: Television Fandom and the Creation of Popular Myth by Camille Bacon-Smith [University of Pennsylvania Press, 1992]
  • Monad Number Two by Damon Knight [Pulphouse, 1992]

Best Dramatic Presentation

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation – “The Inner Light” (1992) [Paramount] Directed by Peter Lauritson; Teleplay by Morgan Gendel and Peter Allan Fields; Story by Morgan Gendel
  • Aladdin (1992) [Disney] Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker; Screenplay by Ron Clements, Ted Elliott, John Musker and Terry Rossio; Story by [many]
  • Dracula (1992) (alt: Bram Stoker’s Dracula) [American Zoetrope/Columbia] Directed by Francis Ford Coppola; Screenplay by James V. Hart; based on the novel by Bram Stoker
  • Batman Returns (1992) [PolyGram/Warner Brothers] Directed by Tim Burton; Screenplay by Daniel Waters; Story by Daniel Waters and Sam Hamm; based on characters created by Bob Kane
  • Alien 3 (1992) [20th Century Fox/Brandywine] Directed by David Fincher; Screenplay by David Giler & Walter Hill and Larry Ferguson; Story by Vincent Ward; based on characters created by Dan O’Bannon & Ronald Shusett

Best Professional Editor

  • Gardner Dozois
  • Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • Ellen Datlow
  • Beth Meacham
  • Stanley Schmidt

Best Professional Artist

  • Don Maitz
  • David A. Cherry
  • Thomas Canty
  • Bob Eggleton
  • James Gurney

Best Original Art Work

  • Dinotopia by James Gurney [Turner, 1992]
  • Cover (Aristoi by Walter Jon Williams) by Jim Burns [Tor, 1992]
  • Cover (Asimov’s Nov 1992) Asimov portrait by Michael Whelan [Asimov’s Nov 1992]
  • Cover (F&SF Oct/Nov 1992) [Bridges by Charles de Lint] by Ron Walotsky [F&SF Oct/Nov 1992]
  • Cover (Illusion by P. Volsky) by Michael Whelan [Bantam Spectra, 1992]

Best Semiprozine

  • Science Fiction Chronicle ed. by Andrew I. Porter
  • Locus ed. by Charles N. Brown
  • Interzone ed. by David Pringle
  • The New York Review of Science Fiction ed. by Kathryn Cramer, David G. Hartwell, Ariel HamĂ©on and Tad Dembinski
  • Pulphouse, The Hardback Magazine ed. by Dean Wesley Smith and Jonathan E. Bond

Best Fanzine

  • Mimosa ed. by Dick Lynch and Nicki Lynch
  • File 770 ed. by Mike Glyer
  • Lan’s Lantern ed. by George “Lan” Laskowski
  • Stet ed. by Leah Zeldes Smith and Dick Smith
  • FOSFAX ed. by Timothy Lane and Janice Moore

Best Fan Writer

  • Dave Langford
  • Harry Warner, Jr.
  • Mike Glyer
  • Evelyn C. Leeper
  • Andrew P. Hooper

Best Fan Artist

  • Peggy Ranson
  • Teddy Harvia
  • Stu Shiffman
  • Diana Harlan Stein
  • Linda Michaels
  • Merle Insinga