2009 Hugo Award Trophy

2009 Hugo Award Trophy

2009 Hugo Award Trophy base

Designed by: Dave Howell

Photo: Dave Howell

7 thoughts on “2009 Hugo Award Trophy

  1. To all visitors to the 67th Worldcon and Hugo Awards hope you had a great time in Montreal. Glad to have you and hope your stay was comfortable and the people you met cool. Special thanks to the Little Brit in the elevator who guided guests to and from the 28th floor parties.
    On SEPT. 18TH New York celebrates the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson on its shores.We wish New Yorkers a happy birthday. Next year’s WORLDCON will be held in Melbourne Australia.

  2. Kaja, I think you get two of those, one for Phil and one for yourself. The award goes to the creators of the works which win Hugos, not just the work itself and if it’s a collaborative effort all of the primary creators receive a rocket.

    Congrats, by the way. Well-deserved (I rated GG my #1 choice on my ballot).

  3. Wow. Watching “2001: A Space Odyssey” on video at teenaged Dave Howell’s house a quarter of a century ago, I never dreamed he would eventually design a Hugo base.

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