2015 Hugo Award Trophy

2015 Hugo Award Trophy

Designed by: Matthew Dockrey

Photos: David Bliss. Permission for non-commercial and journalistic uses with attribution granted. All other rights reserved.

Designer Notes: “Some of the photos below include the 3D printed rocket I had made, as well as the final version with an actual Hugo Award rocket. The bases are made of steel cut and etched with CNC waterjet, folded and welded together.”

[See David Bliss Photography for additional photos.]

Matthew Dockrey has also provided a guide to how he made the 2015 base and a video about the making of the 2015 trophy.

2 thoughts on “2015 Hugo Award Trophy

  1. Hi Matthew,

    Do you happen to have the file that you used for the 3d printed rocket, and would you be willing to share?


    1. We do not have that file. The distinctive design of the Hugo Award trophy rocket is a protected service mark of WSFS and should not be reproduced without the permission of the World Science Fiction Society or an authorized Worldcon committee.

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