Hugo Award Rules Changes

At today’s Business Meeting at Worldcon the members of the World Science Fiction Society voted on three motions concerning the Hugo Awards that were passed in Denver last year and required ratification.

A motion to remove the Best Semiprozine category was not ratified, so the category will remain in effect.

A motion clarifying how and where material published on the Internet is eligible for Hugo Awards was ratified and comes into effect next year.

The motion creating the best Graphic Story category was ratified. That category is therefore in effect until at least 2012, when it is due to be revisited to check it is working well.

A more detailed post about the effects of these changes will be made after Worldcon is over.

4 thoughts on “Hugo Award Rules Changes

    1. Rory:

      Please read our article about Submitting Your Work. There is no awards submission process. To be nominated for a Hugo Award, you have to get a sufficient number of members of the current and previous Worldcon to nominate it. There is no lobbying process, no jury, no board of directors, and no submission process. The awards are completely popularly voted by the members of the Worldcon.

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