Logo Contest Winner

We were delighted with the level of interest in the logo contest. We received 390 entries from 215 different people and 24 different countries. Deciding on a winner proved very difficult.

The jurors were impressed with the standard of submissions, and of the many very different conceptions of the award, and were thrilled by how many of the submissions made their shortlist.

In making their decision our expert jury took a wide range of factors into account. Many very attractive pieces of art were rejected because they were too complex to be effective when added to a book or DVD cover. In other cases excellent images were let down by weak typography. The winner, designed by Jeremy Kratz of Arkansas, combined both the necessary simplicity to fulfill our requirements with a good choice of text and pleasing combination of the various elements of the design.

We would like to thank all of the people who entered the contest, and congratulate Jeremy on his win.

Here is the winning design.

Hugo Award Logo

50 thoughts on “Logo Contest Winner

  1. I saw a few other entrants and well, can’t say I agree with this choice at all.

  2. I dunno about the other 389 designs, not having seen them. But the one selected is very nice! It must have been a lot of hard work for the judges, because I’m pretty confident there were several dozen first-rate designs in the set.

    Congratulations, Jeremy! I like your design a lot.

    And thanks to the judges for their hard work, and the other contestants for their entries.

  3. Congratulations to all who submitted!

    And congrats to Jeremy!

    I can see why Patrick Nielsen hayden liked it – it’s very similar to the Tor logo!

  4. It’s a little phallic. Maybe that’s just the trouble with rockets and missiles…loaded with connotative imagery. Congrats though!

  5. A *little* phallic?

    Hell, I’d buy a replica for my bedside drawer, if you know what I mean.

    Seriously now?

  6. Why is your logo a goddamn rocket? You idiots. WTF?

    By the way I’m having a house building contest. Whoever builds me the best house gets 500 bucks. Awesome!

  7. Are we going to get to see some of the other top entries? It certainly would be cool if we could.

  8. I see from the above comment that I’m not the only one who saw it and immediately went “wtf phallic symbolism”.

  9. Yeah!!! I’m agree with you, Aidan…
    Please, all member of the jurors, we’d like to see which logos entered into the shortlist?
    I don’t shut my eyes for a long time thinking which logo should be perfect and what it could symbolized…i.e.this award is for s.f. writers… so something that could remember something of these theme…
    I am very happy for Jeremy…But I think that his logo it’s too simple… For whom that doesn’t know what is Hugo Awards, this logo doesn’t explain immediately its symbolism…(If anybody agrees with me, please, tell me??? Maybe, am I wrong???)

  10. Folks: Could all of you people who are wondering why the Hugo Awards logo looks like a rocket please actually look at what the Hugo Award trophy looks like? I’m here at the last day of the World Science Fiction Convention and have shared the comments with the people attending, and I will say that y’all have provided a modicum of amusement to people here with complaints that the logo for an award that gives out trophies shaped like rockets is “phallic.” We find it hard to believe that all of you are being ironic.

    I did delete one foul-language comment. Disagreeing with our choices isn’t enough to get you banned: being uncivil is. Assuming you weren’t a robot, the answer is “If you don’t know what the Hugo Award is, then why were you even reading our web site?”

    Regarding the sharing of other designs: If we do so, it will probably not be for some time. There are certain legal and procedural issues involved, and we’re under instructions from our parent body to be certain of what we’re doing before we proceed further. And to be honest, it’s rather difficult to get anything done for the month surrounding the Worldcon.

    Brick guy: Have fun. Maybe you can get the Tucker Hotel built.

  11. One commentator did point out that rockets themselves were quite phallic. Your problem?

  12. Hi, I have been eagerly awaiting the winning design. I came across this competition on the eve of it’s closing date and I just about managed to get an entry submitted. I would love to see a shortlist of the unsuccessful entries.

    Well done to the winner!

  13. *affects Austrian accent, strokes beard*
    Sometimes a rocket is just a rocket, you know.

  14. I’m normally dirty minded, but the first thing I thought was “Ooooo, pretty rocket.” I didn’t think any penis thoughts until I started reading the comments.

    I like it for its simplicity.

  15. Well here’s my entry for what it’s worth…


    …I’m still pleased with it, I guess it was too complex for the judges who obviously wanted a very simple stamp, although I can’t help feeling you can print some fairly sophisticated things on a DVD these days…

    …feel free to comment on my site and let me know what you think…

    @Brett – I love the Jupiter idea, lovely.


  16. In response to some double-posted comments and queries: All comments here are moderated to keep out the bots and spam. Both of the moderators are in their post-Worldcon travel, which means a slower-than-usual turnaround on clearing comments.

  17. As stated in the submission guidelines, “The logo will be used online, in print, on merchandise and to create “winner” stickers that can be placed on books, DVDs, etc.” The winning design needed to work at a wide variety of resolutions.

    The contest administrators, including me, were not involved in the actual selection; however, the need for the logo to work in both small and large resolutions was on the judges’ minds when they were evaluating the many submissions we received.

  18. ThatRobert… love the Logo3 one you did, the black and red one. Nice, clean, reduces down very well for small print.

    Richard Holt… like that design as well, oddly was reading your page earlier today, Weird. I liked how you did the added images… I did that as well, when submitted mine I had made possible stationery for what the invites may look like, envelopes, and the logo etched in a glass trophy.

    I’ll have to figure how you did that DVD hologram sticker effect though. 🙂

  19. Elegantly simple, as a logo should be. And versatile — also as a logo should be. There’s always a tendency to get cute, to try and make it into an illustration, or otherwise to over-design. This works as what it’s intended to be, a logo.

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