2011 Hugo Nomination Deadline Is Today

The deadline of Saturday, March 26, 2011, 11:59pm, PDT to cast nominating ballots for the 2011 Hugo Awards and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer is today.

Members of Renovation who joined by January 31, 2011, and members of Aussiecon 4, the 2010 Worldcon, are eligible to submit nominating ballots. All ballots must be received by Saturday, March 26, 2011, 11:59pm PDT.

Online nomination ballots are available here. More information about the Hugo Awards, including details about how to submit a nominating ballot, is available here.

3 thoughts on “2011 Hugo Nomination Deadline Is Today

  1. “The 2011 Hugo Finalist announcement and live blogging coverage will begin at 2pm PDT / 10pm BST.”

    Very exciting. But since it’s now over, maybe someone could be bothered to provide a written list for those of us for whom streaming isn’t a great or usable thing?

    It’s actually rather quick to post nominees names as they’re spoken. Alternatively, you could make most people wait for hours and hours to find out, and direct them to a video they might not have access to, instead.

    I’m not clear what the logic is in that decision: to make things more dramatically frustrating and uninformative and delayed? But it’s obviously one way to go.

    Unless one assumes that everyone online has instant access to online video streaming, and prefers it to mere low-bandwidth text. Which, again, is certainly one way to go.

    I’d put this commnent on the relevant entries, but comments on them are closed.

    1. Gary: I expect Kate (the relevant Administrator here) will have the post made soon, and as you noted in another comment, other people have posted the full text of the announcements. Note that the CoverItLive coverage was in fact “mere low-bandwidth text” and was not “online video streaming,” although that was also available if you wanted it. Perhaps you didn’t realize that the live coverage provided through our web site is not a video and doesn’t really require a very high-bandwidth connection to view. Indeed, as I was on a pretty low-bandwidth connection helping do the comment moderation on the CIL coverage, I’m quite glad that it wasn’t necessary to have streaming video to watch the results come in.

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