2012 Hugo Voter Packet Released

Chicon 7, this year’s World Science Fiction Convention, has released the 2012 Hugo Voter Packet. This package includes electronic versions of many works nominated for the 2012 Hugo Awards. It is available only to Supporting, Attending, and Young Adult members of Chicon 7, and only through the close of voting on this year’s Hugo Awards.

These Hugo Award-nominated works are made available to the members of Chicon 7 through the generosity of the nominees and publishers for the purpose of familiarizing voters with this year’s nominees.

To access the Hugo Voter Packet, you will need a PIN issued to you by Chicon 7. For more details about the packet, including how to obtain your PIN if you do not have one, see the Chicon 7 Hugo Awards web site.

Note: The 2012 Hugo Awards are administered by Chicon 7, the 2012 World Science Fiction Convention. Direct all questions about the Hugo Packet or any other aspect of the administration of the 2012 Hugo Awards to Chicon 7’s Hugo Award Administrators. If you send your question to us here at the Hugo Awards web site, your answer will be delayed until we forward it to Chicon 7.