Hugo Voting Opens

Online voting for the 2014 Hugo Awards and the 1939 Retrospective Hugo Awards is now open. You can vote online or download a paper ballot and mail it to Loncon 3.

The deadline for voting is 1 August 2014 at 00:00 PDT (that is, the end of the day Pacific Daylight Time on 31 July; note that this is 07:00 GMT/UTC on 1 August). The online voting pages will close at that time, and any paper ballots mailed in will need to also have been received by then.

Only attending, supporting, and young adult members of Loncon 3, the 2014 World Science Fiction Convention, are eligible to vote on the final ballots for the 2014 and 1939 Awards. You do not have to attend Worldcon to vote; you only need to be a member. You can join Loncon 3 at their membership page.

Loncon 3 will remind voters of their Loncon 3 Membership Numbers and Hugo PINs, and you can request your PIN through the voting web page as well. You can change your votes right up to the deadline; however, Loncon 3 recommends that you not wait until the last moment, due to anticipated heavy traffic on the voting web site during the final hours of the voting.

The Hugo Awards voting is conducted by Loncon 3. Direct any questions about the 2014 and 1939 Awards to the Please do not submit questions about the administration of the awards to us here at, because this will result in a delay while we forward the questions to this year’s Administrators.