Transcript of 1968 Hugo Awards Ceremony Found

Although we know of no recordings of the 1968 Hugo Awards ceremony, Tom Whitmore, while going through the papers of Alva Rogers (co-chairman of BayCon, the 1968 Worldcon), found a transcription of the 1968 Hugo Awards Ceremony. Because of the rough condition of the transcript, Tom retyped it and edited the transcript of the 1968 Hugo Awards Ceremony into a readable form, and he has made it available to us to post as part of our historical information about the 1968 Hugo Awards.

We here at thank Tom Whitmore for his work in making this document availble.

One thought on “Transcript of 1968 Hugo Awards Ceremony Found

  1. Wow, thanks for all the work that went into producing. I was there in the audience — it was my very first convention of any kind — and this really brings back memories! Well, actually not too many of them, as it’s all a little hazy after all these years. I do vividly recall Randall Garrett’s “Three Hearts and Three Lions” and laughing after every couplet over the clever rhymes. That year’s Hugos were certainly one of the highest quality ever awarded (or is that just my rose-colored glasses talking?).

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