Hugo Awards Ceremony Tonight

The 2015 Hugo Awards Ceremony is scheduled for tonight, Saturday, August 22, 2015 at 8 PM Pacific Daylight Time in the INB Performing Arts Center in Spokane, Washington. Live video streaming of the 2015 Hugo Awards ceremony via UStream will be available through Sasquan, the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention. Sasquan’s coverage of the ceremony starts one hour before the ceremony (7 PM PDT) with “The Road to the Hugos”, a livestreamed Internet pre-and-post Hugo broadcast featuring hosts Stephen Schapansky and Warren Frey of Radio Free Skaro. They will return after the ceremony for an hour of post-ceremony interviews and analysis.

For those with lower bandwidth, the Hugo Awards web site coverage team of Kevin Standlee, Mur Lafferty, and Cheryl Morgan will be “on the air” approximately fifteen minutes before the ceremony with our text-only CoverItLive coverage of the event. Our coverage of the event will be in the window below.

Live Blog 2015 Hugo Awards Ceremony

Please note that the CoverItLive coverage is not synchronized with the UStream coverage and is likely to run ahead of the UStream broadcast.

2 thoughts on “Hugo Awards Ceremony Tonight

  1. The Worldcon organizers did a lot of great work with this years ceremonies. I wasn’t able to attend, but I wish I could have.

    The only minor oversight I noticed was announcing “no award” winning at the ceremony. It seemed like categories that went to no award should have been announced earlier. This way, the nominees, their families, and their supporters didn’t need to show up to the ceremony just to be ridiculed like that. To me, it was somewhat malicious and cruel to present no award the way it was done. Announcing no award wins before the ceremony and then filling in with something fun would be more tactful.

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