2015 Hugo Trophy Unveiled

The design of the 2015 Hugo Award trophy was unveiled during the Opening Ceremonies of Sasquan, the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention, on the afternoon of August 19. In keeping with recent practice, Sasquan elected to showcase the trophy early in the convention so that members could see it before the final night of Worldcon. The trophy has been on display in the convention’s Hugo Award history exhibit since shortly after the convention’s Opening Ceremonies.

While the Hugo Award trophy always includes the rocket originally designed by Jack McKnight and Ben Jason as refined by Peter Weston, each year’s Worldcon can design its own base. In recent years, most Worldcons have had an open design competition to design the Hugo Award base. This year’s trophy base designer Matthew Dockery appeared in the Opening Ceremony and unveiled the trophy there.

The 2015 Hugo Awards will be presented at a ceremony in Spokane, Washington on the evening of Saturday, August 22, 2105, starting at 8 PM PDT. The ceremony will be broadcast live on Ustream and described on the Hugo Awards web site as a CoverItLive Broadcast.

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