2020/1945 Hugo Awards Nominations Closed

Nominations for the 2020 Hugo/Lodestar/Astounding Awards and for the 1945 Retrospective Hugo Awards closed 13 March 2020 at 23:59 Pacific Daylight Time (02:59 Eastern Daylight Time, 06:59 UTC/Irish Time, and 19:59 14 March 2020 New Zealand Daylight Time). The 2020 Hugo Award Administrators are tallying the nominations, confirming potential finalists’ eligibility, and contacting potential finalists in accordance with World Science Fiction Society rules. Details of CoNZealand’s plans to reveal the finalists will be announced soon.

Direct questions regarding the 2020/1945 Awards to the 2020 Hugo Award Administrators, not to the Hugo Awards web site. The Hugo Awards web site team does not administer the elections for the Hugo Awards, nor do we make eligibility rulings, contact potential finalists, or select finalists or winners. The 2020/1945 Hugo Awards are administered by the Hugo Awards Administration Subcommittee of CoNZealand, and all decisions regarding the eligibility of works and the administration of nominations are exclusively the committee’s responsibility.

2 thoughts on “2020/1945 Hugo Awards Nominations Closed

    1. Guy:

      The Administrators have not yet announced the Final Hugo Awards Ballot. They’re still confirming eligibility and contacting finalists to give them a chance to decline. Once CoNZealand announces the finalists, we’ll post it here.

      Kevin Standlee

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