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  1. Your address here for Mastodon does not work. It just redirects to this page. Please check and post an active link. Thank you.

    1. It does work for some people because I’m following it and I’ve just seen the new post come up. I’m using Ivory and am able to find the feed by searching for users containing “hugos”.

      You are not the only person who hasn’t been able to find it today. It is possible than when the ActivityPub plugin was made available on WordPress.com last week, some instances may have decided to pre-emptively ban all feeds from WordPress blogs as a precaution. I’ll continue to look into it.

  2. I can’t find it either, probably because I’m on a different server or instance.
    (You’re able to find it because you’re logged in to your own mastodon server).
    It might help to post your full profile with server name, for instance @hugos or something along those lines.

    1. That would be true if we were running a Mastodon server, but we are not. We are using the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress, which works in a different way.

      We know a bit more about the issue now. Some app users are able to see the feed. Ivory and Mona on the iPad both seem to work, as does Megalodon on Android. Other Fediverse servers are also able to find it. I created an account on a Friendica server and was able to see the Hugos feed and follow it.

      This is all very odd, and points to a problem, either with the plugin, or with Mastodon. I would imagine that it will be solved at some point. I’d rather not have to set up my own instance.

  3. I’m on a very small instance and can see and follow @hugos, but it specifically says “Older posts from other servers will not be displayed”. I imagine I’ll see the future posts from @hugos.

    Doesn’t seem to matter at all which app I use, but it matters what instance I’m on. I made a user on mastodon.social and there I do see all the older posts.

  4. Well, I’m not running the servers, so I can’t say just what version of the software they are using. I can tell you that my main account is on twit.social which is run by the twit.tv people. There are probably fewer than 5k users. I have a theory, that, to reduce the number of server calls (and thereby keep charges down), the admin may have a setting that says something like ‘when a user follows someone on a different instance, don’t load all the earlier posts.’

    They have a discord and I’m just going to go ahead and ask if that might be the case…

  5. So I’ve been told that servers keep a local history that will only include posts from outside servers that someone on the *local* server follows. So if twit.social did not have anyone following @hugos before I started following, then there was no local history @hugos posts for me to see. When I logged in to mastodon.social instead, and started following there, I was able to see several of @hugos previous posts because someone else on mastodon.social had *already* been following @hugos. I hope that makes some sense!

    1. I certainly explains why some instances appear to behave differently that others in that respect. I suspect that things like this will be common in the Fediverse because there are so many servers and they are bound to have differences in behavior.

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