Glasgow 2024 Announces Designers for the 2024 Hugo and Lodestar Award Trophies

Glasgow 2024 has announced that the 2024 Hugo Award Base will be designed by Iain J. Clark. The trophy for the 2024 Lodestar Award for Best YA Book will be designed by Sara Felix. The final base designs will be revealed as part of the convention’s Opening Ceremony in Glasgow on 8th August. The 2024 Hugo Awards and Lodestar Award will be presented in a ceremony in Glasgow, Scotland on the evening of Sunday, 11th August.

The Hugo Award trophy consists of a rocket design by Jack McKnight and Ben Jason as refined by Peter Weston. Each Worldcon committee can design the base of the trophy presented by their Worldcon. Each Worldcon committee also selects he trophy design for the Lodestar Award. Each year’s Hugo Awards are administered by that year’s Worldcon. The Hugo Awards are not administered by the Hugo Awards website. For questions about the 2024 Hugo Awards, contact the 2024 Hugo Award Administrators.

For further details about the 2024 Hugo Award and Lodestar Award trophies, including information about the artists, see the announcement from Glasgow 2024 on their website.

2 thoughts on “Glasgow 2024 Announces Designers for the 2024 Hugo and Lodestar Award Trophies

  1. Just working as hard as you can to pretend the fraud of the 2023 Hugo’s never happened?

    1. The Hugo Awards website does not run the Hugo Awards. Each year’s Hugo Awards are independently administered by each individual Worldcon. The 2024 Worldcon in Glasgow has no jurisdiction over the 2023 Hugo Awards. Every Worldcon is independent of every other Worldcon. This may be surprising to some, but the World Science Fiction Society is not a single monolithic organization, and therefore there is not really anything that the 2024 Worldcon can do about the 2023 Worldcon’s behavior. You can see the statement from the 2024 Worldcon on their website about how they plan to run their Awards.

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