2015 Hugo Award Trophy

2015 Hugo Award Trophy

Designed by: Matthew Dockrey

Photos: David Bliss. Permission for non-commercial and journalistic uses with attribution granted. All other rights reserved.

Designer Notes: “Some of the photos below include the 3D printed rocket I had made, as well as the final version with an actual Hugo Award rocket. The bases are made of steel cut and etched with CNC waterjet, folded and welded together.”

[See David Bliss Photography for additional photos.]

Matthew Dockrey has also provided a guide to how he made the 2015 base and a video about the making of the 2015 trophy.

2 Responses to 2015 Hugo Award Trophy

  1. jonfitt says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Do you happen to have the file that you used for the 3d printed rocket, and would you be willing to share?


    • Kevin says:

      We do not have that file. The distinctive design of the Hugo Award trophy rocket is a protected service mark of WSFS and should not be reproduced without the permission of the World Science Fiction Society or an authorized Worldcon committee.

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