2015 Hugo Finalist Withdrawals

We are aware of announced finalists for the 2015 Hugo Awards having subsequently announced that they are withdrawing their acceptance of the finalist slots. We here at TheHugoAwards.org are holding off on any action at our end until we receive an official announcement of from the 2015 Hugo Awards Administrators.

To repeat something we have said here many times: TheHugoAwards.org does not administer the Hugo Awards. The Awards themselves are run by a Hugo Administration Subcommittee (HASC) appointed each year by the individual World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) that hosts that year’s Awards. The HASC is an independent body with delegated authority to administer that year’s Awards under the rules established by the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS). Each Worldcon is also an independent entity selected by the members of WSFS to organize that year’s Worldcon. There is no Board of Directors or Chief Executive of the WSFS. Each Worldcon runs their own Worldcon (under the rules by which they were selected), and each Worldcon runs their Hugo Awards (under the rules imposed by WSFS that they agreed to operate under when they bid to host the convention).

The Hugo Awards web site is run by a committee set up by the members of WSFS for the purpose of serving as a clearinghouse for information about The Hugo Awards and to cooperate with Worldcon committees in their work running the Awards. We do not dictate rules to Worldcons, nor do we have any authority over the operation or administration of the awards themselves. We record results; we don’t dictate them.

Please direct any questions about the administration of the Hugo Awards to this year’s Hugo Awards Administration Subcommittee.