Black Gate Announces Withdrawal; Hugo Ballot Frozen

On Sunday, April 19, Best Fanzine finalist Black Gate announced that they were withdrawing from consideration in the 2015 Hugo Awards. This announcement came after the deadline for withdrawing from the 2015 Hugo Award shortlist as announced by this year’s Hugo Awards Administrators. According to the Administrator in a statement quoted on File 770, “The ballot is indeed locked, and Black Gate will remain on the ballot.”

The ballot is already at the printer in anticipation of a mailing of Hugo Award Finalist and 2017 Worldcon Site Selection voting ballots planned in the near future.

The Administrators are considering the possibility of including a statement regarding Black Gate’s announcement on the online voting page when that page launches in the near future.

Address any questions about the administration of this year’s Hugo Awards to the 2015 Hugo Award Administrators, not to the Hugo Awards web site.

7 thoughts on “Black Gate Announces Withdrawal; Hugo Ballot Frozen

  1. It’s a shame that Black Gate has encouraged harassment as a means to punish authors and groups for having the wrong people like them.

    1. Black Gate has encouraged harrasment? Really? Could you point to an example of them doing so? It seems unlikely to me. Throughout my impression has been that they wish people to make up their own minds on the issues.

      1. See his partial comment below. The theory is that everyone who is withdrawing is lying about their reasons and it is actually because they are giving in to non-Puppy terrorism. Thus, ‘encouraging’ and rewarding abuse.

  2. re:Knight on April 19, 2015 at 20:02

    No, it’s a shame that you feel the need to lie about why they withdrew, when the rest of us can just go read their detailed explanation of it at their website. Why do you think we would fall for this?

    1. No, it’s the fact that these people have been bullied by….

      [Abusive and offensive language redacted. There were ways to say what you tried to say without having to resort to profanity. You want talk like that, go set up your own web site.]

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