2 thoughts on “Official 2015 Hugo Award Photos

  1. There has been a lot of discussion on how Higo ballots should be counted. There is an item on switching to a new approach which is up this year for a vote. I’d like to get more information.

    I would like to obtain copy of last years (NOT THIS YEARS!) ballots as loaded into whatever software is used. I am not interested in the software used and, in fact, don’t want to see a copy of it since this may taint my own review of the ballots. I also understand that it is considered proprietary and is not available anyway.

    I am perfectly willing to share whatever my analysis comes up with. The data can be emailed to me. The easiest format is probably CSV (Comma Separated Variable) although I can read most spreadsheet programs.

    If you are not the pproper person to address this request to, please forward it on.

    Donald Lundry

    1. Mr. Lundry: The information you would need is exclusively in the management of the 2015 Hugo Awards Administration Subcommittee. They are the only people who could under any circumstances give you the information you request, and they are under absolutely no obligation whatsoever to give it to you. You can contact the 2015 Hugo Awards Administrators at hugoadmin@sasquan.org.

      Based on previous statements from the Administrators, it is very unlikely that they will give you the information you are requesting.

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