2010 Hugo Award Statistics Posted

Aussiecon 4 has posted the Voting & Nominating Statistics for the 2010 Hugo Awards.

Those of us responsible for maintaining TheHugoAwards.org are currently traveling in Australia and will update the historical information for this just-completed election when we get a chance to slow down at a fast internet connection.

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5 Responses to 2010 Hugo Award Statistics Posted

  1. Frederik Pohl’s name is misspelled in the list of nomination counts for Best Fanzine.

  2. John Pomeranz says:

    Reviewing the stats was fascinating, as always. Just one tidbit: Eventual Short Story winner Will McIntosh was on the nomination bubble. With 3 fewer nominations (out of the mere 23 it received) “Bridesicle” wouldn’t have made the final ballot. Nominating matters, people!

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