2010 Hugo Award Statistics Posted

Aussiecon 4 has posted the Voting & Nominating Statistics for the 2010 Hugo Awards.

Those of us responsible for maintaining TheHugoAwards.org are currently traveling in Australia and will update the historical information for this just-completed election when we get a chance to slow down at a fast internet connection.

7 thoughts on “2010 Hugo Award Statistics Posted

  1. Reviewing the stats was fascinating, as always. Just one tidbit: Eventual Short Story winner Will McIntosh was on the nomination bubble. With 3 fewer nominations (out of the mere 23 it received) “Bridesicle” wouldn’t have made the final ballot. Nominating matters, people!

    1. We have updated the old blog post with the copy of the statistics available from the 2010 Hugo Awards page. In general, when looking up information about past Hugo Awards, you will get better results if you look at the Hugo Award History page rather than at old blog posts. Posts to the blog are generally of more immediate concern, and as time goes by they tend to get stale, particularly when linking to other sites.

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